The Power of Propaganda Behind Taj Mahal


It may be confidently claimed with out an iota of doubt that the Taj Mahal is essentially the most well-known and acquainted constructing on the globe, at the moment. Even inside this construction, its white domed marble mausoleum is the best recognizable element. By most accounts, it has been established that the Taj Mahal has been designed as a ‘Symphony in Stone’ as a dedication to Shah Jehan’s everlasting love for his stunningly lovely spouse and companion Mumtaz Mahal. This account of Taj Mahal’s origin is accepted by most specialists as legitimate and convincing.

Nevertheless, as a countervailing argument, some specialists have tried to place this speculation vis-à-vis numerous accounts of Shah Jehan’s character gleaned from different information from his personal courtroom historians and discover that Shah Jehan was an exceedingly vainglorious, haughty character vulnerable to intensive intercourse escapades. Taking a look at this picture, it’s troublesome to digest that he might actually be such a devoted lover and a dedicated husband for a single lady, howsoever lovely she was. This faculty of thought takes under consideration –

· In a full reversal of the state insurance policies adopted by Akbar and Jahangir, Shah Jehan reversed the established follow of moderation in coping with his non-Muslim topics and within the sixth 12 months of his reign, imposed stiff Shania mandated phrases in his empire.

· He rose in open revolt in opposition to his father Jahangir in 1622 when he realized that his youthful brother Shahzada Shahryar was being cultivated as a possible successor to the throne.

· Upon ascending the throne in 1627, his first act was to execute all his rivals and even jailed his stepmom, Empress Noor Jehan.

· Shah Jehan married Arjumand Bano (later Mumtaz Mahal) in 1612, however, regardless of his professed love and devotion, he nonetheless had two different wives, Akbarabadi Mahal and Kandahari Mahal.

In its place premise, some specialists argue that the constructing of Taj Mahal was really an imperial venture which had initially been conceived by Shah Jehan as a propaganda instrument to emphasise the perfection of Mughal effect in India. These specialists assert that the Emperor was already considering such a constructing irrespective of the coincidental dying of Mumtaz Mahal. An incredible and versatile builder as he was, he was already toying with the concept to implement the plan, when abruptly Mumtaz expired which proved to be a helpful pretext.

Nevertheless, the matter doesn’t relaxation right here. After Mumtaz expired and her stays had been buried on the website, the development of her white mausoleum commenced in proper earnest, however by far the nonetheless better venture was to whitewash and rework the character of the emperor earlier than the world as a young, doting, devoted husband as a substitute of a ruthless womanizer. Right here once more, the diabolical imperial propaganda equipment swung into motion to conceive and implement a possible motion plan in bits and items by sowing a juicy tidbit right here and planting a salacious morsel there which highlighted Shah Jehan as a loving and compassionate companion and an adoring husband for all occasions to come back.

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