History of Taj Mahal – A Love Saga Of Shah Jahan And Mumtaz Mahal


Witness the dwelling legacy of timeless love in Taj Mahal. For hundreds of years, the monument has impressed painters, poets and musicians to seize its elusive magic in coloration, phrase and tune. It’s one of essentially the most flawless architectural wonders of the world. Legendary historical past behind the development of this monument may be very stunning.

Demise of Mumtaz Mahal

In 17th century AD. In 1630, Mumtaz Mahal gave start to her 14th youngster. However quickly after that, her situation grew to become worse. And took final breathe in arms of her husband. Earlier than her dying, she extracted four guarantees from her husband – a) take care of her youngsters, b)he ought to remarry after her dying, c) to construct a memorial to their everlasting love and d) he ought to go to the memorial yearly on her dying anniversary.

Development of Taj Mahal

The everlasting love of Shah Jahan for his beloved consort, led him to erect a memorial. The king was a passionate structure who visualized the Taj Mahal. The development of this monument started within the yr 1632 and was accomplished in 1653 with a time span of 22 years. 20, 000 folks have been employed to assemble this white marble mausoleum. A group of most interesting architects, stone-carvers, inlay craftsmen, mansions and calligraphers have been appointed to design this memorial, during which Ustad Ias Khan, the Persian grasp had an necessary position in designing the construction. Other than that Abd Ul-Karim Ma’mur and Makramat Khan have been the expert architects who helped in development of the monument. Artists from totally different components of the world – Baghdad, Baluchistan, Bokhara, Samarkand, Syria and South India have been additionally engaged to assemble this excellent edifice.

Taj Mahal is adorned with semi-treasured stones and gems. Completely different components and supplies used within the development have been imported throughout the globe and totally different components of India. Its historical past tells that yellow marble and rock-spar from the financial institution of Narmada river, white marble from Makrana Rajasthan, black marble is from Charkoh and crimson sandstone from Sikri. The best gems from totally different nations like turquoise from Tibet, Chrysolite from Egypt, jade and crystal from China, sapphires from Sri Lanka, lapis from Afghanistan, amethyst from Persia, malachite from Russia and diamonds from Hyderabad in India.

Bitter Fact

As per the historical past of Taj Mahal, it’s believed that Shah Shan ordered to chop off the hand of the chief architect – Ustad Isa Khan Effendi, in order that such variety constructing might by no means be reconstructed in future.

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